Our Mission
The Rephidim Project exists to mobilize, equip and encourage pastors worldwide
with a blueprint for expositional preaching that produces Christlike believers
by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.
The Rephidim Project is a collaborative effort to bring expository preaching resources and training to pastors, church leaders and those who have a call to preach. We lead seminars, workshops and think tanks to train preachers to be more effective expositors of God’s Word.
We establish cohorts of pastors who covenant together to develop and improve their skills in expository preaching through collaborative
learning, mutual encouragement, and personal accountability.
“The Rephidim Project is a gift of God to pastors. What need is more pressing than this present famine of truly expository preachers?… There is a new generation of young men eager to feed Christ’s sheep. We thank you for raising our arms. The tide is turning.” – Pastor Alex




Text Driven Preaching
How do you preach Old Testament stories to our video-saturated culture today? What tools can you use to unlock the truths God wants to teach you from these Old Testament narratives? How do you ensure that you are preaching God’s Word and not your words? This seminar will address these questions with biblical and practical principles to help you become a better expositor of God’s Word.
Registration is now open. Deadline to register is August 19th.

Cohort Groups
Our vision is to establish cohorts of pastors who covenant together to develop and improve their skills in expository preaching through joint workshops, mutual encouragement,
and personal accountability.


Welcome to Honey from the Rock, a podcast devoted to bible exposition with David Christensen. If you are interested in God-centered, word explaining messages, follow us on Spotify,  Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

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Taught by Dr. David Lambertson, this lecture series will survey the Bible’s theological structure by moving through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Five major sections of Scripture will be examined to see what each contributes to our understanding of God’s kingdom and redemptive programs. 

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Ways to Give
Would you or your church prayerfully consider giving to The Rephidim Project? God is opening many doors for ministry, and we are excited about the opportunities to serve pastors in the year ahead.
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The Rephidim Project
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