The Rephidim Project exists to lift up those who spread God’s Word around this world through workshops for pastors and seminars for church leaders. We desire to go where pastors and missionaries have limited access to training in expository preaching and the refreshment that comes from face to face Bible teaching. Pastors and missionaries become weary in the work, and many feel isolated and discouraged. We seek to “encourage the exhausted and strengthen the weak” (Isaiah 35:3) through developing and distributing resources for Bible exposition. We believe that feeding deeply on God’s Word refreshes the soul, and incarnational teaching encourages the weary. We spread God’s Word more effectively when we feed on God’s Word in fellowship with others.
One pastor at a conference shared that he and his wife had traveled several hours by bus to come that day. They weren’t sure that it would be worth it because they had come to hear speakers from America in the past and all they talked about was how to grow your church bigger and how to manage your money. They often felt discouraged. Now, he said, they knew why they had come to the conference because we were talking about matters of the heart that we all face in ministry. He was lifted up by the study of God’s Word together. Another participant in another country shared at the conclusion of a seminar that the material we had studied was life changing because it revolutionized how we look at daily living even with limited resources. Refreshment in ministry comes from feeding on God’s Word.
Workshops and seminars are available through the Rephidim Project. You can check out the listing under our resources section. We especially focus our efforts on training pastors to do expository preaching since these skills can equip others to do the work of the ministry long after a conference has concluded. The body of Christ is built up as the saints are equipped with the tools to do His work (Eph. 4:11-13). We also distribute our books to pastors and missionaries around the world without charge. We try to make many resources available on our website. Please contact The Rephidim Project to schedule a teaching trip or to request any of our resources that would be helpful to you as you serve Him in the ministry. We want to help you to serve Him for His glory wherever you are on the frontlines of His kingdom work.
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