“I’ve been part of a preaching cohort with The Rephidim Project for over a year now and can attest to how much it has been encouraging and equipping me in this area of ministry. Its mission is to call the church back to expositional preaching. The vision and what I’ve been experiencing is pastors coming together to encourage, support, and equip one another in a cohort model to strengthen and inspire the preaching skills of pastors. I’ve already seen the benefits not only in my own preaching but also in my association with these other pastors knowing that God is influencing our passion to use the Word as the source of our messages, not just a resource for our messages.” – Pastor Joe
“The Rephidim Project is a gift of God to Maine. What need is more pressing than this present famine of truly expository preachers? … There is a new generation of young men eager to feed Christ’s sheep. We thank you for raising our arms. The tide is turning.” – Pastor Alex
“The preaching cohort ministry of the Rephidim Project has been a profound help to me. The provided books have been an excellent resource, and the group setting, facilitated by an experienced pastor, has been a consistent  encouragement to faithfulness in preaching and in the ministry generally. How are we to grow without the prayers and help of our co-laborers? I commend these cohorts heartily.” – Pastor Ian
“The preaching cohort has been a positive experience. … There are very few opportunities for hands-on, in-person training experiences in Maine, and to have an opportunity for folks looking to discern God’s calling on their lives is invaluable.” – Pastor Jacob
“Rephidim’s preaching cohort is a valuable resource to those currently preaching and those exploring that great office. … Full of substance and support, cohort members find a place of brotherhood, bonded by prayer and a desire for God’s Word to be heralded in Maine and beyond.” – Pastor Mark
“As a participant in the first “Think Tank” gathering, I was greatly impressed by the need it seemed to fill in the attending pastors’ lives. I was blessed by the insights and honesty of those present and recognized how important the ongoing ministry of Rephidim truly is.” – Pastor Russ
“I had been running and running for almost 20 years without any real thought of my “occupational” growth as a pastor.  I needed to grow and sharpen my skills as the church grows, deepens, and becomes more effective.  The disciple can only go as far as the teacher. … The cohort’s content has really helped me to sharpen my skills. I found that I need the camaraderie of other pastors.  Iron does sharpen iron.” – Pastor Will