JULY 24, 2020

Masks and the Mission of the Church

by David Christensen
I grew up in the country of Pakistan, where my parents served as missionaries. They chose to follow the cultural ways of their adopted country to reach the people for Christ. Dad wore the shalwar kameez, the loose pants, and baggy shirt, that were the common clothing of the Pakistani men. Mom wore the female version of the shalwar kameez but added the dupatta, the scarf head covering, wherever she went. While she would have preferred to do her own shopping, she hired a man to do it for her because women were not accepted in the marketplace.
Why? Were they forced to make these changes? No. As foreigners, they had every legal right to wear western clothing. They could have stood up for their rights as Americans, even in a foreign country. Why then did they change their lifestyles? They followed a missional mindset.